3 Powerful And Beautiful Things To Remind Yourself If You Think You’re Ugly

3 Powerful And Beautiful Things To Remind Yourself If You Think You’re Ugly

January 31, 2019 0 By Eric S Burdon
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“I think you’re ugly.”

It’s a phrase that may be buzzing around our heads or a phrase that others tell you to your face. Whatever the case may be it stings us a lot.

Beauty plays a large part in our lives. It’s high up there in our chart of basic human needs. We want to feel loved and appreciated and our own beauty does play a role in that to some degree.

So when someone tells us a nasty comment about our looks, there is a sting. But that sting can linger for many people. Those who have low self esteem can find themselves in situations where they tell themselves “I think you’re ugly.”

Their entire confidence and self-esteem can be utterly destroyed from a negative comment.

It’s such a painful comment that it can drive people to suicide.

And while many may think this happens a lot to women, it’s not just “a girl thing”. It’s very much a guy thing too.

Because I’ve been down that road before.

For sure what drove me the most to my depression episode and lack of self confidence and self-esteem was nothing short of bullying. However, during that process, there was a lot of negative self-talk that I had.

Most of it was about how weak and defenceless I was.

But there was a deeper part of it bashing my own looks.

It was that negative self-talk that stopped me from working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

But over the years that’s changed. Today I’m taking active steps to fix my health. Furthermore, I don’t consider myself ugly. But above all, I don’t let harsh comments about my looks get to me.

And that behaviour can be traced back to four remarkable and beautiful things I’ve realized.

3 Powerful And Beautiful Things To Remind Yourself If You Think You're Ugly

Beauty Is SubjectiveA

As the saying goes:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

And while a lot of people have these corny phrases about our looks, I believe there is some truth to it. Namely that how we see beauty is entirely in our own views.

What I think is beautiful to me may not be beautiful to you. Some men like fit women with curves in the right places. Some women like men who rocking six pack abs and have bulging muscles.

Those types of views are stereotypical in modern society, but they are still views nonetheless.

But what’s most important to remember is that these aren’t everyone’s views. Nor should we try to conform to those views.

Because while others might think you’re ugly, that’s only in their world. That’s not in your own world.

Your Reality Is Based On Your Beliefs

The second thing to keep in mind if you think you’re ugly is that your own thoughts shape your reality. We are powerful individuals because we allow everything that we decide to allow.

We can’t deny what other people choose to tell us, but we have the opportunity to allow whether those words affect us. Not to mention how long those words get to affect us.

Our version of beauty is warped so much because companies today have worked hard pitching what they think is beautiful. When people are exposed to that constantly, they start to buy into that.

It doesn’t mean that companies views of beauty is wrong, rather, people are manipulated into believing this is the only view. Anyone who thinks or acts differently, or doesn’t conform to that view is weird or a rebel.

Think of things like the pixie cut on women. It made waves for celebrities but for average people, it made different waves.

But as I hinted at above, this is their own view. Their version of beauty is clearly something different if they go out of their way to tell you “I think you’re ugly.”

Of course, they are entitled to that. But you are entitled to decide whether to listen to that or not. You are also entitled to whether you decide to drop it and move on or to let it get to you.

And moving past this is no easy task. It took me years to overcome that and start to embrace myself. But one thing that I think would’ve sped that up is if I looked at my reality.

If I started to practice affirmations and tell myself positive things, I might’ve come to terms faster.

It’s a matter of changing your environment. Because that is your reality. That is what allows you to become who you are right now.

To change and grow is to actively change that environment you’re in.

To change and grow is to change that environment you're in.

To change and grow is to actively change that environment you’re in.

Belief In Something Can Lead To Powerful Action

One of the biggest turning points for me in terms of my looks was the time where I said to myself something about my looks. But then immediately followed that up with a simple question:

“Then why don’t I change that?”

That question was what helped me to realize that I can change my reality and thus my outlook of myself. That being said, it’s often in these negative or harsh situations where powerful action can spring forth.

If you think you’re ugly that’s an issue you have to deal with.

But why do you think you’re ugly?

Because our thoughts always point back to a reason and those reasons can be changed to a reasonable goal.

I thought I was ugly mainly due to my figure. So in due time, I opened up to the idea of eating better foods. I opened up to the idea of challenging myself to work out and be more active.

It’s still a struggle today, however now that I’m taking those steps, I’m starting to show deeper appreciation for myself. I may not be in my ideal figure, but I know that I’ll get to where I’ll be happy and satisfied with my looks.

And that’s changed my life as it’s changed my reality. I’m in an environment where I want to work out. Because I know that sitting around and listening to negative self-talk won’t solve anything.

In a sense, their negative comments can be great motivators for you. And I think learning to be able to take those harsh comments and turn them into something good is worth it. After all, negative self-talk won’t solve anything.

The more you listen to your negative self-talk the more you do nothing to change.

I Don’t Think You’re Ugly. You’re Beautiful

We are all beautiful in our own way. And I think that’s important to keep in mind.

Life teaches us that there are many cruel things in life. It’s not fair, and it can be harsh. But with each trial we are faced with, we have an opportunity to grow.

So if someone tells you “I think you’re ugly.” they are free to believe that. But in your own little world, they’re absolutely wrong. And if you feel that there is some truth to it, don’t let it get to you. Learn from it and grow from it.

And I know that saying all of this is easier said than done, but I believe that you’ll make it. Because I know you are beautiful deep down. And if you’re not happy about your looks, you’ll find a way to change that and be better.

All because someone told you “I think you’re ugly.”

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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