The 3 Self-Confidence Tips You’ll Ever Need

The 3 Self-Confidence Tips You’ll Ever Need

September 13, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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When it comes to self-confidence tips there are several articles dedicated to them. From zen habits and their list to The Law of Attraction and their list too. 

In the self-improvement world, building confidence is an absolute must and most blogs out there have at least one post or more dedicated to the topic.

Although this blog is particularly devoted to self-confidence, we know that there are many ways to build confidence. However a lot of times we forget to bring up particular aspects of self-confidence. Some of them are in these posts (which I will get around to), but this is the case with many articles that are posted.

Some topics might even be touched briefly and then never discussed.

So to mitigate that, I want to focus on three simple concepts. These concepts are honestly all that you need to know about boosting confidence. These self-confidence tips are the be all end all.

The reason I know this is because, these are the things I learned to bring me from being shy and reserved to actually writing, sharing my ideas, and making videos.

So let’s explore some of those things. Let’s get to it!

The 3 Self-Confidence Tips You'll Ever Need

Start By Accepting & Appreciating Yourself

Building self-esteem is the same as boosting self-confidence in many ways. Both stem from the belief in yourself or your skills at doing something in particular. As such, the first thing you really have to do in order to grow is to accept who you are and have a deep appreciation for yourself.

This is a form of self-love and is truly needed in building any kind of confidence. If you have no foundation, how can you expect yourself to get better and more confident?

By showing appreciation and accepting yourself and what’s around you, you won’t be dwelling on quick escapes and understand that confidence building is a process that takes time. Much like everything else.

I’ve said this before but my confidence was low due to my belief that I had terrible social skills. I struggled to speak clearly and with confidence because I placed that limitation on myself.

We place limits on ourselves and they can be like prisons in so many cases. So by appreciating yourself, you start to chip away at the bars.

How you can show appreciation is by doing the following:

The first step towards being confident is accepting who you are.

Understand Weaknesses and Strengths

From appreciation comes a deeper level of understanding ourselves. From this deeper understanding, we can better understand flaw and strengths. This self-confidence tip is key because we can have a better understanding of why we think a certain way.

Again, I lacked self esteem because my skills and abilities I felt were sub-par, especially in social aspects.

That’s not a reason to bash ourselves though. We all have drawbacks. But the fact they are flaws doesn’t mean that they are flaws forever.

In those situations, you can build your confidence by honing skills in that area or even finding a mentor to guide you along.

But first comes understanding what they are and why you think they are in the first place. The same goes for strengths.

With strength, take the time to appreciate and care for them. They are the strong points of your personality  and make you well, you.

When you accept and understand them, you can find a more profound appreciation for yourself. Not to mention you are more determined to grow them.

In terms of flaws, appreciating them is also key, but you want to be actively building it. It’s along the same idea for me as getting in the habit of exercise. I appreciate my health so I try to work out and move around daily.

That’s because I appreciate myself and don’t bash myself for days where I spend working too much.

As you can see, each of these self-confidence tips – when taken action –  feed into one another.

Focus on your strengths and push them further, but don't let your faults drag behind or get neglected. Grow them, nurture them too.

Remind Yourself Of Your Accomplishments

The last of the self-confidence tips you’ll ever need to know is to remind yourself of your successes. With this tip, you want to devote time to remind yourself how far you’ve come. Even if the steps taken are small and insignificant, they are victories.

Gary Vaynerchuk always says 1 is better than 0.

What I say is getting up from the couch and doing something is better than sitting there dreaming.

Every inch of progress made is a victory and should be appreciated and reflected on during your journey.

It follows the same principles as one of my recent videos on pessimism.

The idea is that our mindset is connected to our own memories and how we view things. So if we think negatively, we view our achievements as not significant, when they actually are.

When we look back at our achievements, we trigger those other two tips, we look at our strengths and flaws and grow from them. Furthermore we appreciate ourselves for what we have gone through and overcame.

All The Self-Confidence Tips You Need

Obviously there are more out there and I will cover them bit by bit at some point. However these three are core self-confidence tips that I believe work when we practice them regularly.

When you remind yourself of the accomplishments you’ve made, you can begin to appreciate who you are as a person and understand yourself on a deeper level.

From there, you can remind yourself of the skills you have and what areas could be built up. The weaknesses aren’t meant to bash or tear yourself down, but for you to fall back onto the motivation that you can do better. That motivation can stem from you understanding yourself while also thinking of your past successes.

These three feed into one another endlessly, providing a powerful source of motivation and self-confidence.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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