4 Signs Of Low Self Esteem You Need To Kick To The Curb

4 Signs Of Low Self Esteem You Need To Kick To The Curb

August 2, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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There are many signs of low self esteem that people have. But there just as many methods to overcome them as well. You can consider some options that we briefly explain in this list. Furthermore, this article will be helpful for those who need specific guidance in dealing with particular signs of low self esteem.

4 Signs Of Low Self Esteem You Need To Kick To The Curb

You Give In To Arguments Easily

Whether it’s avoiding arguments or agreeing with someone when you do, one of the many signs of low self esteem is that you avoid conflict. This can take in the form of agreeing quickly to arguments or putting up defensive measures to protect yourself. This hurts your self esteem because you aren’t truly expressing who you are and it makes it difficult to build meaningful relationships. Furthermore, these defensive measures can lead you down a path you didn’t want.

One strategy that you can consider is to tell yourself that your opinions are valuable. Regardless of whether someone agrees with you or not, it is your belief and that is what makes you who you are. Building self-esteem is about appreciating who you are, even if people don’t agree with your views.

You Get Depressed Easily

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes and from a variety of sources, but it is one of the signs of low self esteem. Whether you have a lack of confidence, or afraid of doing something new, that sort of problem can lead you to drag yourself and staying in that depressing place.

In order to break out of that spell, devote some time to doing something new. It may very well be the source of the problem, but take baby steps with it. Life is meant to take risks and stretch your comfort zone. By picking up hobbies or other activities it will pay off in the long run.

Your belief and that is what makes you who you are.

Struggle With Criticism

How you handle constructive criticism varies from person to person:

    • Some take it to heart and grow from it;
    • Or some get insulted by it and react negatively to it;
  • Some even burst into tears, or lash out at the person from the act.

Either way, some of us react negatively to criticism and when they do, it could be one of the signs of low self esteem.

You can better handle the feedback by breathing steadily and counting to three before responding. Some other strategies to consider is taking it as feedback and a way to grow. Look at feedback as a way you can improve for next time.

Feedback is an opportunity to grow and learn more.

Feedback is an opportunity to grow and learn more.

Depend On Others For A Decision

There is nothing wrong with following other people be they influencers, leaders, or simply someone you look up to. However, you can be suffering from low self esteem when you let people of influence make your life decisions.

This is one of the signs of low self esteem because you aren’t confident in your own decision-making skills. It’s also a leading reason why some people can’t leave unhealthy or abusive relationships.

In the end, you need to build yourself up to be able to say no. It’s not easy as there are many different and difficult situations people can find themselves in. Regardless, an important step to take is to be able to depend on yourself in certain situations. Some examples of that are acting on your own without the words or guidance from others.

You Can Defeat These Signs Of Low Self Esteem!

Indeed, these signs of low self esteem are destructive and each has their own degree of severity. In the end, though, building self esteem is entirely in your control and you can overcome it the more you practice! Apply the instructions mentioned in the sections and consider looking at other techniques to try out. Here’s a good list to start with.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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