Why Meditation Is Essential To Confidence Building

Why Meditation Is Essential To Confidence Building

February 14, 2019 0 By Eric S Burdon
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One thing I talk about is that meditation is essential. If you look at any of my list-like posts, meditation is typically the first or at least on that list.

Meditation means a lot to me and in my early stages of confidence building, it was a necessary tool for building myself up. It helped me to overcome some of the negative thoughts I had, and to help me understand myself on a deeper and emotional level.

I owe a lot to meditation.

But I don’t want just my story to be the sole reason you take up meditation. I’d like to provide to facts explaining why meditation is essential to any routine for building confidence.

Two Main Factors

The Tibetan monks these days are not at all familiar with a lack of self esteem or lack of confidence. From the very day they are born, they are raised in a community where they are loved by everyone.

This way of life is drastically different than how most Western society choose to live.

For many of us we are taught that there is love and hate and some people simply won’t like you. And I can imagine that is the same case for the Tibetan monks. While they are certainly a virtuous, they’re not immune to basic human emotion.

It’s why the Dalai Lama spends his morning meditating on “shaping motivation.” We need to be vigilant that we are going the right direction and shaping motivation for him helps him to extend loving kindness and compassion to those around him. I can imagine that’s the same case with many other Tibetan monks.

But all of this underlies two key factors as to why meditation is essential to confidence building. Meditation allows you to transform lack of confidence or self-esteem into two things:

self-acceptance and self-belief.

Meditation transforms our lack of confidence into self-acceptance and self-belief.

Meditation transforms our lack of confidence into self-acceptance and self-belief.


The first is self-acceptance. Whenever we think of something negative about ourselves, deep down it stems from us not accepting ourselves. We focus purely on the lack and that we’re simply not enough.

It why so many women today feel that they are ugly because any beauty product sends a message that they’re not enough. They need perfumes, make-ups and more to be considered beautiful.

Men can also fall into a similar trap to that as well though mainly in more physical appearances. Men seeing other men jacked and buff can make one feel inferior.

It comes down to people comparing themselves and not willing to accept themselves and make changes.

And meditation can help with that self-acceptance. You are devoting time specifically to muddle through your thoughts. But also to confront them.

This process helps you in understanding yourself on a deeper level. You’ll begin to learn why you’re actively comparing yourself to others and why that drags you down.

And for many of us, we realize that the doubts, fears, and even our insecurities are all superficial.

But I’d go a step farther than that.

Those fears, doubts and insecurities are things that we’re passionate about and wish to change and grow from. For example, I was insecure about my weight and looks. I’ve realized now that what I really want is to be working out and improving my health.

Either way, meditation will help us in facing those things and in turn will help us in accepting ourselves. And that is significant.

Because we realize we do all of these negative things on a mental level because we are lacking something, and yet are not taking the proper action to change.

What’s also really nice about self-acceptance is that it can also help us in greeting and meeting new people. I read before in one of my school textbooks that the stronger understanding you have of yourself, the better you’ll understand those around you. Being considerate has a lot of merit to it. And meditation can help with that.

It’s why the Dalai Lama is one of the most loved people on the Earth. He meditates.

The Dalai Lama is one of the most loved people on Earth. He meditates.

The Dalai Lama is one of the most loved people on Earth. He meditates.


But the other factor is self-belief. This comes when we’ve learned to accept ourselves for the way we are. Not to mention that we show love and kindness for these things.

And this is a difficult process because we all flaws. We all have things that we lack in our lives. It’s these aspects that we bury deep down and they become built-in self-destruction clauses.

It can be the thoughts that we’re ugly or that we’re destined to fail forever. Or that we’ll never become who we want to be.

But through meditation, we can begin to fill that negativity with positivity with love and compassion. And this goes back to what I’ve said above.

If there is something we lack, we know that deep down we can achieve and overcome that lack. For sure positivity is a helpful and powerful source of motivation, but I believe if something bothers you, it’s not right to deny it.

If you’re bashing yourself because you didn’t get that promotion or you feel that you can’t do something, then come up with a plan to take action. Find a way to overcome your mental barriers and build your belief that you can do it.

And if that sounds a lot like confidence, it is.

Meditation allows us to accept ourselves and if we’re not happy about certain things, we can accept them for now and build the confidence to change it later.

I’m not happy with how my figure looks. But there is no point in bashing myself and dragging myself down about it. Instead, it’s more intelligent to put my energy into the belief that I’ll get to where I want to be.

And meditation can help you get there.

Meditation Is Essential

Meditation is essential in our lives for a variety of reasons, but these two alone are pretty big. Meditation is a way for us to all connect to one another. It provides the realization that we’re not alone.

A lot of us suffer from lack of confidence or self-esteem.

And a lot of us don’t realize that meditation is essential in so many ways. We have social media that keeps us connected, and yet so many of us feel lonely or lost or sad. And meditation can provide a gateway away from that.

It can be a gateway to loving yourself on a deeper level, understanding yourself on a deeper level, and giving you the courage to move in the way you want to.

From this perspective I can understand why the Dalai Lama spends his morning “shaping motivation.” He wants to ensure that he is going in the right direction.

Maybe we should be considering that too.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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