9 Suffering Low Self Esteem Symptoms (And Strong Ways To Overcome Them)

9 Suffering Low Self Esteem Symptoms (And Strong Ways To Overcome Them)

October 4, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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There are many low self esteem symptoms that we can suffer on a daily basis. Some are major tells, while others aren’t so much. Today I want to be focusing on the more subtle symptoms. In fact these symptoms on this list you may not realize you do.

These low self esteem symptoms can stem from certain responses to even our own body language. Look through these symptoms and if you have them, I have some easy and strong methods. Apply them and your life will be happier.

There are many subtle signs of low self esteem. Identify them and overcome them here!

9 Suffering Low Self Esteem Symptoms (And Strong Ways To Overcome Them)

It may be stereotypical for Canadians to apologize for things, but some people do it too much. One of the many low self esteem symptoms we have is we apologize for everything.

So yes, it is normal if you do apologize for mistakes that you’ve made. In fact, it’s important to own your mistakes and live with those decisions.

What isn’t normal is apologizing about minor incidents or where you did nothing wrong. Like bumping into a person while you’re trying to squeeze through a crowd.

The reason that is is that those who have low self esteem not only do this but the cause of it stems from an inaccurate view of themselves.

This was revealed when the Self-Esteem Institute ran a study. Those who apologize and have low self esteem actually feel like when mistakes happen, they are always at fault.

How you can overcome this is to practice affirmations. Affirmations as I’ve said before rewire your view of yourself and the world. Again, you may be apologizing excessively primarily because you think you are worth less than others. That’s not the case.

Everything Seems To Be “Your Luck”

A lot of people use the saying “just my luck” or believe that they were “lucky” for being at the right place at the right time. While luck may not be an inherently bad thing to the average person, it can actually be quite dangerous. 

Why that is? Well think about it this way:

What’s to say that if you didn’t achieve something you would think you’re not worthy of having it?


I don’t believe in luck. When I express gratitude, I don’t say I’m “lucky” to have the things in life that I have. To be around people who appreciate me. Or to have a roof over my head.

I say I’m grateful and appreciate these opportunities.

This is important because luck tends to suggest something otherworldly is happening. Like the planets are aligning and you happen to be the one to be impacted the most. The reality though is that if something good happened to you, you put in the effort to make that happen.

  • If you win the lottery you had the gal of buying a lotto ticket.
  • Made a new friend? You put effort into making a connection and reaching out to that person.
  • Aced a test? You study your ass off and reviewed the material.

Everything you are right now plays a role in the success you’ve achieved and the success you will achieve. But not every person believes that.

To think that you’re not worthy or that you’re lucky is simply irrational or dishonest self-statements. That’s not me saying that. It’s from The Self Esteem Institute.

We see these sorts of statements in those areas but also when someone refuses compliments, deflects or devalues praise or criticizes others.

Instead of believing everything comes to luck or when something good happens to you, show your gratitude. Something as small as saying “thank you” goes a long way.

There are only cause and effects in our lives. Nothing boils down to luck or chance.

Buying Things You Don’t Like Or Need

One way people deal with stress at times is they go shopping. While that habit certainly needs addressing, people who are suffering from low self esteem symptoms might find themselves shopping but also being deafly aware of how others think of them.

What this evolves into is people buying clothing or decorating their room or apartment just so they can “fit in” with everyone else.

This doesn’t just translate to shopping either.

When you picked a major or what you wanted to be (for serious) did you purposely pick an occupation that’ll impress your peers or parents?

*Raises hand*

At the core of it all, this is comparing at it’s finest and a lot of us may not realize it. We choose a path that we think is right for us as opposed to the path that we truly want to go. In order to overcome this we need to stop comparing ourselves. But I’d suggest one step farther.

We need to take a look at ourselves and understand what we like as well.

The reason I picked writing as my occupation of choice is that I’ve always been an emotional individual. I’m passionate for my work and it’s who I am.

What about you?

We need to take a look at ourselves and understand what we like as well.

Hiding In Your Room

There is nothing wrong with being alone in your room. In fact, it can be very helpful. But some people use their room in terrible ways. For example, some will use their room to not deal with problems. This may be one of the low self esteem symptoms if you are someone who:

  • Hides in their room to avoid a fight.
  • Are constantly worried about people being mad at them.
  • Shut away their feelings.
  • Or are scared to express how they feel about a specific situation.

I of all people know what it feels like to avoid conflict and saying things that diffuse the argument by agreeing. In fact, Life Hack explains those desires are a sign of low-self esteem. Those desires manifesting from the fact you hide in your room all the time.

Instead of hiding in your room all the time, it’s important to get out of your room and to stop relying on it as a sanctuary. This is easier said than done but one way you can get around it is practice affirmations. Specifically, ones that affirm your beliefs and that your opinions matter.

Not only that, but I’d also suggest viewing arguments differently. Much like with shifting your environment, we can change how we see arguments. If you start to see them as ways to learn about a person or a situation, your attitude will be less defensive and you’ll focus more on having a discussion. This is a better approach as arguments normally result in people bashing one another’s character which puts people on the defence.

Problems never go away until you solve them.

Weird Habits You Do In Public Or Alone

Everyone has some weird habits, but according to Elements Behavioral Health, some weird habits are weirder than others. Specifically compulsive self-mutilation habits. These particular habits revolve around minor injuries. Like picking at scabs or pulling loose hair. But far more compulsively.

This is a sign because the compulsive disorder is a sign of anxiety or low self esteem symptoms. Why people with those signs and symptoms do this is simple. It’s a coping mechanism.

Breaking the habit can be tricky but it’s not impossible. It’s a matter of finding another habit to use as an outlet. One that I think is incredibly powerful is writing. I’ve said writing your story is a good thing and therapeutic for one. But writing can help you in discovering why you feel uncomfortable or anxious.

If it gets really bad, the writing can serve as a great reference point for a therapist to use as well.

Inviting People You Don’t Like To Events

This isn’t just inviting a party pooper. This is literally inviting someone you truly dislike. People who have low self esteem symptoms feel obligated to do this.

No, not because they’re a masochist, but that they are trying to impress that person. That or they think it’s easier to invite this person and let them treat them like crap so to “keep the peace.”

“Anything to make them happy and avoid the whole mess of removing them from my life or talking about what I don’t like about them.”

That way of thinking is often what goes in the person’s head when they invite their worst enemy to stuff. It’s not at all healthy.

Instead of doing that, stop trying to exaggerate or seeing events as catastrophes. This suggestion is based on research from The University of Texas Mental Health and Counselling Centre.

What that means is you need to stop assuming everyone will hate you forever. While some people will certainly hate you, it doesn’t mean you have to always deal with them on a constant basis. Not only that, but you will certainly have friends who will appreciate you.

Take matters into your own hands and if there is someone who will never approve of your achievements or complains about your events, stop inviting them. No one likes a party pooper but people especially don’t like a complainer.

Be around the people who lift you up rather than complain about you constantly.

You Take So Many Naps

While the odd nap here or there is certainly acceptable, people who have low self esteem symptoms may find themselves taking way more naps. The reason for that is low self esteem actually has some physical side effects. Fatigue happens to be one of them based on Margarita Tartakovsky’s research.

In short, naps can be much like people who hide in their rooms: they want to avoid problems. That or they may want to avoid the pile of obligations that they have.

What’s worse is that extreme cases of this can be a sign of clinical depression.

If you find yourself napping a lot, you may want to take stock of your life right now. If you have a lot of obligations, see if you can take breaks or explain the situation to others. Lastly, see a therapist if this is something that’s been happening on the regular.

Some other practical tips you can consider would be eating properly and primarily foods that boost your energy. You can also consider exercising or using methods to get more restful sleeping.

You Have A Tendency Of Sneaking Out After Sex

If you are living the single life there may be many hook-up moments in your life. Even when there may not be a possible future, some people sneak out after sex as opposed to sticking around. That or they some have this huge need to go back home.

Some of those reasons can be warranted. Maybe the person was really weird or outright creepy. But that opens another can of worms that I’m not going into right now. Especially if you went “all the way” with them.

Outside of those reasons, so people may sneak out for one that actually is a low self esteem symptom. That being the person isn’t confident enough to stick around with the person they went “all the way” with.

When it comes to those types of people they are suffering from low self esteem symptoms that lead them to think their relationships are chaotic.

Particularly intimate ones.

According to the Self-Esteem Institute, these individuals are people who are constantly feeling like they are unworthy for whatever reason.

Instead of doing that, be sure to lay down expectations with your date if you do plan to have sex with them. Be blunt with them and ask them if they don’t mind guests who spend the night.

Some other things to think about is to look at why you think you don’t deserve them. Relationships only flourish when we take the opportunity to nurture one another and on our own as well.

Checking Messages On Your Phone That Don’t Exist

Are you someone who pulls out their phone when conversations lull or when you are at a party?

A lot of people do this if they are bored, but there is research that shows that people who do this aren’t confident in their social skills either.

Based on The Self Esteem Institute’s research, people who have poor social skills is a dead giveaway sign of low self esteem. This would pertain more to their lack of confidence in talking. Or perhaps they don’t think they are an interesting person.

Instead of whipping out your phone during those periods, take some time to scan the room and find people you are comfortable being around. If there aren’t any, then find people who are loners and spark a conversation.

Also if you’re at a party, you can join in games where you are less on the spot compared to one-on-one conversations.

Also with conversations that seem to lull, take some time to ask questions. I mentioned above people may not think they are all that interesting. The reality is the only way you can be interesting to others is to show interest in others lives.

What is a great way to get to know someone and spark conversation is by asking them questions. Perhaps about the event, their lives, or why they’re here. For better effect, show genuine interest and listen to them wholeheartedly.

There is more to life outside of our phones.

Deal With These Low Self Esteem Symptoms

There are many subtle low self esteem symptoms out there that can make your life a living hell. As I mentioned throughout this article these sorts of symptoms can impact your daily life and your own perception of yourself.

When you take active steps towards reducing those low self esteem symptoms, you are developing yourself. Use this experience to grow and develop yourself. Furthermore use this opportunity to learn more about yourself.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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