It’s Okay If You’re Not Perfect

It’s Okay If You’re Not Perfect

February 21, 2019 0 By Eric S Burdon
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This is a reminder that you’re not perfect, but it’s okay. I understand that you want a great life and you want things to go all according to your plan. But life always comes back to remind us that sometimes we need to tell ourselves “you’re not perfect and it’s okay.”

Whether it’s a mistake that costs us greatly or a small one that annoys us, these are the ways to remind us of our flaws.

But so many people today see those flaws and drag themselves down. They criticize themselves, they doubt their abilities, they begin to fear certain things. These are all signs of low self esteem and the lack of confidence.

So I write this for you today as a reminder. It’s okay that you’re not perfect. And the reason I say this is because we are someone truly better than that.

Better than we can possibly imagine.

It's Okay If You're Not Perfect

Flaws Build Us

The biggest problem that we face is our own belief of what flaws mean to us. Even something as simple as how we speak is something that used to give us pause for concern.

While in school a lot of people used to be judged by the way they spoke. There was a time where we were taught we needed to be a certain way or else we’d be judged. Do things differently and you’ll be punished and others saw us a mistake or a problem child.

Those views and opinions would start to flourish consciously and subconsciously as we grew up.

And while schools today have changed a lot – from physically harming children to now a harder emphasis on grades – these elements still linger around. People don’t really see their failures as methods to grow and develop, but painful reminders that you’re not perfect.

We begin to resent it and those opinions and views flourish consciously and subconsciously as we grow up.

But we need to embrace that.

We need to learn to embrace those flaws as these very flaws are the key to growing ourselves. We make mistakes when we try to learn a new language, try an instrument, or solving math problems.

So when we fail or fumble over when learning, we need to see those instances as opportunities to get up and try again.

Much like a game, we need to take our progress as reasons to be joyful after we make mistakes. Because you’re not perfect, and every improvement is a reminder that we’re not. And I believe improvement in that way is much better than striving to be someone who is ‘perfect.’

Embracing flaws is the key to growing ourselves.

Embracing flaws is the key to growing ourselves.

Mistakes Mean Action

The biggest enemy to perfection is mistakes and when people are up in arms with perfection, it means they struggle to embrace mistakes. And while you’ll hear it from me time and again that mistakes are great, it’s still challenging.

It’s not a matter of flipping a switch and accepting it.

Mistakes are painful. It’s a reminder that you’re not perfect. That you’re human with flaws and all.

But mistakes that we make are often the key point for us to turn around and perform something tremendous. No matter how you cut it, mistakes always move us to actions. It means that we are doing something.

The opportunity for us to fail always lingers around and that’s not a reason to be concerned. It’s a reason to embrace it and get excited for it.

If you sit in front of your couch all day eating avocado toast or chips chances are you won’t be concerned about the mistakes that you are making. But when you are older and wiser and looking back at your life, you’ll realize the numerous regrets that you have stem from your inaction and paralysis rather than the mistakes you could’ve made.

It’s why today people say the wealthiest place on Earth is the graveyards. They’re filled to the brim with million dollar ideas that never happened. They’re filled with people who never sought to take action or make an impact.

And the weight of that loss is heavier than the weight of currently making those mistakes right now.

Mistakes Are Our Teachers

Last week I tried my hand at opening a labeled can the “proper way.” All this time in my life, I had a different way of opening cans that was tried and true.

As a result of this new way, I sliced my finger open and the cut is pretty deep.

It’s a lot better now than it was before, however it’s these tiny mistakes like these that teach us something. It’s a reminder that some mistakes are not worth repeating and sometimes the best thing to do is go back to how you did things.

Like a bad break-up, a failing business venture, or someone breaking your trust, these are things that hurt us deeply and remind us to find new ways to grow. We learn new and better ways to behave and to go about things.

It’s not a reason to give up entirely and never try that thing in general ever again. But rather an opportunity for us to build ourselves up and learn something new.

I’ve learned now that I should open labelled cans my own way. It’s unconventional and different, but it’s what makes me unique.

Those who fail in business have better odds of success the next time they build a business up.

And those who get burned realize things will improve. Bad partners turn into great ones. Poor friends can lead to you finding great friends.

Because failures always teach us and the lessons always make us better.

Failures always teach us and the lessons always make us better.

Failures always teach us and the lessons always make us better.

We Can Reverse Mistakes

Every animal and human alike learns from their mistakes. When we see someone fail, we get an opportunity to learn. All the same, animals learn to some degree when they see other animals fail.

The difference between us and animals is that we have the ability to ponder. We can spend hours analyzing and dissecting things.

It’s through that that we realize that our mistakes aren’t always that risky. At least not as risky as we might think.

Think about it.

  • A bad purchase can always be returned in most situations.
  • An unsuccessful attempt at a business venture can make a swift turn (typically followed by an aha! moment.)
  • Uncomfortable conversation or slip-ups can be mended by an apology and talking things out.

Initial damage is dealt and that is painful, but these things can be mended on a large scale given time. Our own actions can mend and even strengthen and improve relationships far more than you think.

The fact we can make mistakes and largely fix them with a swift action makes making mistakes not as daunting.

You’re Not Perfect

We’re not perfect beings. We make mistakes all the time. But our view that we need to be perfect is a flaw in of itself. And we need to accept that that way of thinking is a mistake and there is an opportunity for us to learn.

It’s an opportunity for us to accept that we do things differently and that’s interesting.

Because when people view things differently or break down our views, we can begin to truly grow and see things in a different light.

And I think having the opportunity to see that and have that happen is what makes life more exciting than trying to achieve some arbitrary standard. A standard that in of itself is flawed.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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