How To Have Any And No Excuses In Life

How To Have Any And No Excuses In Life

October 11, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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It can be a challenge to have no excuses in our lives, after all it’s so appealing. A lot of us don’t even think when we come up with excuses. We either shift the blame over to others or other things in our lives. We will stop at nothing to avoid putting ourselves at fault.

And yet for many people, this is a source of low self esteem. But the worst part is that not many people can identify that. It’s normally hidden in some other way.

Let me explain.

How To Have Any And No Excuses In Life

The Dangers & Impact Of Excuses

To first figure out the dangers of excuses it’s important to understand why we are creating excuses. In the end, why we keep creating these barriers in our journey is loosely tied to a fear.

Why we are constantly making excuses is simply our coping with the problem.

Instead of dealing with them, we create that excuse.

As far as fears go, those fears can be many things:

  • Fear of failure
  • A fear of success
  • Fear of change
  • A fear of uncertainty

And more.

But they can be overcome, as always. Fear can knock down our confidence and self esteem, but the trials that fear puts us through can allow us to grow.

You know when a fear is controlling you when certain things happen:

People feel nauseous when they are uncertain.

Or push back when a change is proposed.

Deep down, the reason they do this is that they don’t feel confident in their abilities. Specifically to the skills needed to do whatever is involved.

Excuses in that situation provide more of a fail safe. We are denying that fear and not confronting it by creating an excuse.

Fear is the main driver of our excuses. Fear can be overcome!

How To Have No Excuses  

In order for us to deal with it, the idea is to have no excuses at all in our lives. How we can approach this can vary from person to person, but here is how I deal with mine.

Whenever I want to make an excuse, I pause and repeat my reasoning in my head a few times. Some can write it down if they prefer. But after I do that, I can already see the flawed reasoning behind it by the second time I repeat the excuse in my head.

It’s bullshit.

Whatever the reason is it’s going to be a heaping pile of bullshit and it’s not pretty. To take that excuse is taking a nice spoonful and feeding it to yourself.

You might say that’s disgusting and you are right.

It is disgusting and a lot of us shouldn’t be doing it.

And yet a lot of us are.

From this position, you can continue to go at that same pace. If you do, our fear will continue to emerge time and time again until we deal with it. 

Or you can find a way to overcome that fear and excuses and rise above it.

Excuses get you no where, so stop buying into them.

Your Choice: Excuses, Or No Excuses

I’m not saying having no excuses is easy. If you have low self esteem, it can be tricky to get the confidence to deal with those fears. But they do have to be dealt with eventually.

How you can overcome them is to remind yourself why you are creating that excuse and confront that fear. Be bold and experiment and find solutions to overcome them.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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