Consider The Full Picture

Consider The Full Picture

March 14, 2019 0 By Eric S Burdon
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One of the best techniques that’ll boost your confidence and self esteem is to consider the full picture. There are other phrases for it like seeing the big picture or seeing clearly but the idea is all the same:

Consider every angle to the best of your ability with the knowledge that you have.

Here is why this technique is one of the strongest and best tool in boosting confidence and self esteem.

Consider The Full Picture

It Counters Negative Thinking

We are the steerers of our fate and destiny so the problems that we have in our live are likely our fault. If you feel sad or depressed, you are allowing yourself to be in that state and your actions led you to that position.

What you say and do after that situation matters a lot after that. However if that action is to further bash yourself by speaking harshly about yourself then those words are false.

You’d be right in that your actions led you down that path, but you are wrong if you think you can’t change that or grow past that. Like the phases that we go through in our lives, these can stay in our lives for as long as we like as long as we allow them to control us.

And negative thinking and the thoughts that come with that is certainly a phase.

I know this because I was in that phase as well.

For the longest of times, I was stuck in stasis and felt unfulfilled because of my negative thinking. But once I started to believe in myself and my abilities in speaking with people, in starting my business, in making money from that business, I moved out of those phases.

And what got me to those places of belief is looking at the big picture. 

I knew in the past I used to be such a social individual and there was nothing stopping me from tapping into that and talking to people.

The business continued to move forward even when I wasn’t making any money because I knew giving up early would prove nothing at all.

You’d be right in that your actions led you down that path, but you are wrong if you think you can’t change that or grow past that.

You’d be right in that your actions led you down that path, but you are wrong if you think you can’t change that or grow past that.

It Stops Comparison

Another thing that negative thinking can lead to is to us comparing ourselves to others. It’s easy for people to slip into comparing themselves to others, but when you are using this tactic you can prevent a lot of damage.

When we see the full picture, we know that we’re not getting the full picture to begin with. A lot of people today have been able to subconsciously filter their lives. A happy couple on social media could be on the verge of breaking up. Someone smiling on the surface can be contemplating suicide. 

This isn’t to say we should sceptical of every single thing in our lives or that everything is false. Instead it’s important to know for the purposes of comparison that we’re not getting all of the information. We have a puzzle with one or several pieces missing in order to see the entire thing.

And so how can you know if what you’re saying is genuinely correct when you compare yourself?

Simple. You can’t. You lack the bigger picture in this situation.

Provides Profound Clarity

But the biggest thing that seeing the full picture can provide is that it provides a lot of clarity. I know this sounds obvious considering seeing the full picture tends to do that, but I’m talking a little bit more than that.

Moving away from comparison and negative thinking is just the surface. If you look deeper with that information, one can see exactly why they do these actions. What exactly happened to bring them to that sequence of events.

For example, my social skills were lacking because I later realized that specific thoughts that I had were what brought me there. From comparing myself to other students in my class all the way down to the whole school atmosphere I was in and how much it intimidated me.

Those revelations didn’t come until I considered the full picture and used it to look more at my own life.

This information is helpful in many respects of our lives. For one it helps our confidence and self esteem because we can figure out what leads us to thinking like that and start to avoid that.

Furthermore we can consider affirmations and mantras to help us in thinking positively too. And lastly we can figure out how we can be taking action in our lives and start actively changing our lives and confidence in those areas.

The Full Picture

By seeing the full picture we can use that information to not only squash comparison and negative thinking over time, but we can use it to enrich our lives. Not only that but it’s also very easy to use too.

Think about one thing that you are stuck with in your life and that you doubt yourself to pull off.

Ask yourself why do you think that?

Why do you believe in that so firmly?

Take the time to listen to yourself and if you think you sound crazy, chances are you’re right.

Whether you think you are wrong or you’re right; you’re correct.

Henry Ford

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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