8 Ways To Be Bolder In Life

8 Ways To Be Bolder In Life

December 6, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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One of the strongest methods I know for gaining confidence is to to be bolder in life. I’ve already talked a little bit about why we should be bold in our lives and those benefits can come to you when you make that leap.

But how exactly should we be bolder in life?

Because being bold can often be seen as a reckless decision. In other words, people aren’t really keen to doing something like that. Of course, there is nothing wrong with failing, but you obviously don’t want to have a constant losing streak.

So below I’ve put together some strategies that I know can be very helpful for you. There aren’t guarantees of success. But based on my experiences in life, these have helped me.

Rediscover Who You Are

The first is one of the basics of the basics and that is taking time to rediscover who you are. A lot of us live the same life over and over again with not much change in our routine. 

We take the same route to work.

We go to the same café.

After work, we do the same thing we always do.

For sure some people are happy with that sort of life, but when so many of us are unhappy in our lives, it’s clearly not the life for everyone.

That’s why I suggest if you are in this rut, that you dedicate a little bit of time to look at your life. The key here is to look and see if what you are doing is leading you to where you want to go in life.

And if you don’t know where you want to go in life, ask yourself that.

Where do you want to go in life?

Often times we lack confidence or belief in ourselves because we are disconnected from what we want to be doing with our lives.

I was very much like that while I studied accounting, but now that I’m writing, I feel a lot happier.

Often times we lack confidence or belief in ourselves because we are disconnected from what we want to be doing with our lives.


Another way for us to be bold is once you know what you want in life, take the time to ask for it.

This isn’t some entitled non-sense or anything like that.

I mean taking the time to be asking for things you want and with sincerity.

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This form of asking is a good example because I’m clearly providing you something (since you are still reading this) and I’m merely asking for you to return the favour.

This is bold move because often times people don’t take the time to be asking for what they want. Like asking for that raise from your manager or asking your crush out for a date. It can never hurt to ask.

You don’t know how far you can go by asking.

Do Something Unpredictable

For those who are comfortable with asking and know what they want in life, some times what they need is a kick in the butt. That is to do something completely unpredictable. This will help you to be bolder in life for a few reasons.

The first is that it can add a lot of excitement and variety into your life.

For example, I recently joined a fitness challenge where I have to drop 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I’m three-quarters of the way through the challenge at the time of this post and my life has changed dramatically. 

But this challenge is out of the blue because my efforts towards improving my health have been low. To suddenly go from 3/10 effort and crank it up to 12/10 effort is a massive shock for me.

Either way doing something unpredictable can put into perspective what you want to do in your life. For me I see these unpredictable and bold moves as a “sink or swim situation.” 

You’re either going to adapt very quickly to this new environment, or you’ll fail and learn some valuable things.

That’s why I like these kind of plays and why I’ve done a few of them so far over the course of my life. They’ve pushed me and developed me into who I am today.

You'd be surprised what you can do when you challenge yourself boldly.

Put Some Money On The Line

Another great incentive to being bold is to put some money on the line. The reason that fitness challenge is so effective for me is because I had to bet $500 that I’d hit the target.

When I’m in a situation where I don’t have much money, this is a great motivator to keep me going and committed.

But not only that but the fact that there is a money element to it it encourages me to develop myself beyond where I was before.

Being bolder in life simply means to pick up better and stronger habits. So if you bet some money to develop those habits, you will find yourself more committed to those activities. There’s a real risk to it and a loss that you can clearly see.

On top of the desire to better yourself, there is an opportunity for you to get that money back or incur no losses. It’s a feel good moment that I can’t even describe to you in words.

Or Add Some Other Risk Element To It

If you are tight on money then add some other risk element to it. Some great examples would be doing tasks that you don’t like doing. That or perhaps if you have a particular habit of treating yourself you can deny yourself that thing if you don’t stick to what you promised. An example of this would be having a cheat snack at the end of the week if you were able to show up and workout 3 times that week.

Of course you’ll need someone to hold you accountable for this, but those too can provide a good incentive to get out and be bolder in life.

Find People Who Level You Up

Another source of lower self esteem and confidence is perhaps you are spending time in the wrong place with the wrong people. I’ve suggested a few tricks you can do to change that environment, however the problem may be the people in your life.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important for you to be around some better people. People who support you and want to create a genuine connection with you. Obviously, that’s hard to tell at first, but spend time with other people and if your attitude changes dramatically it’s likely due to the people that you are with.

On top of that your friends can lead you to be bolder in life primarily due to encouraging you to develop yourself. If the people you are spending time with are people who are constantly growing and pushing their boundaries of comfort then those attitudes will rub off on you.

Being bolder in life simply means to pick up better and stronger habits.

Use Tools To Refine Certain Skills

One other approach that I’ve discovered that has helped me a lot is through the use of apps. Going back to my health, I have a few apps that I use to help me improve my health and my confidence in my figure. But the apps that I picked up are specifically designed to help me develop other habits.

Those being ensuring that I’m drinking enough water over the course of the day, and the other being that I’m eating healthy and working out as well.

There are many other tools out there that can help us in all manner of ways. This is important because often when we are striving to be bolder in life or develop confidence we can run into distractions. Those tools can serve as barriers that will keep us on track.

Compliment Yourself Often

The final method I want to talk about to help you live a bolder life is to compliment yourself often. You don’t need to inflate your ego, but you also don’t want to beat yourself up either.

There will be times where we’re stuck and we default to being negative and kill our momentum by doubting or hesitating. This tactic is a failsafe and can help us get back up on our feet.

You can even consider affirmations as they are great and can be bold statements that’ll pump you up. Some use them to boost their confidence and self-esteem as well. It’s worth trying out.

Being Bolder In Life Is Possible

There are many ways to be bolder in life and it all starts by taking small steps and building them up over time. Some of those tactics I mentioned above are small in some cases. But they are stepping stones to build up to more bolder moves.

Take these to heart and practice as many as you like in your life. Slowly you’ll see your personality shift more the way you want it to be.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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