5 Ways To Block Negative Thoughts

5 Ways To Block Negative Thoughts

February 7, 2019 0 By Eric S Burdon
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One of the largest hurdles that we have to deal with in boosting our confidence is negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are truly the main culprit to a variety of issues that we can face off with.

They’re behind why some people compare.

Why we experience doubt, hesitation.

And they are behind many negative thoughts that we have. Like that we’re ugly or that we’re not able to succeed.

A lot of people look for ways to control our thoughts better, but the reality is that’s impossible.

We honestly can’t have complete control over our own thoughts.

But what we can do is we can learn to block negative thoughts.

Now there are many methods out there to consider. There are plenty of tips that can change our negative thoughts around as well. And while a lot of what I’ll be spelling out here will echo those facts, these particular methods resonate with me.

These are methods that I used or that I know would’ve been helpful in my situation. So if you are reading this, know that these will definitely help you.


Meditation is the first method to block negative thoughts and if you’ve been on this site before you know I’m pretty big on this. I bring it up all the time because I firmly believe in this method.

How I lost confidence to begin with was due to a lot of mental chatter that was going on in my head. I bullied myself on a regular basis with negative thoughts. Because of this, I wasn’t confident in doing a number of things.

Meditation was a way for me to break down all of those negative emotions and thoughts. I started to learn how I can block negative thoughts through this.

Meditation is the most fitting because it leads to these other methods that I’ll be mentioning. Looking back at my journey, it was through steady practice of this method that allowed me to develop it into these other methods.

Meditation also provides a lot of other benefits to you as well. Best of all, meditation can take on many different forms which means anyone can pick it up. Meditation isn’t just restricted to you crossing your legs and closing your eyes. There are many stances.

Furthermore, meditation can be done when you are standing as well. It’s honestly coming down to you emptying your mind and finding the best way to relax yourself.


When it comes to being able to block negative thoughts, I’m the type of guy to face them head on. I’ve realized now that I can be a bold individual and facing negative thoughts head on is smarter for me.

One such way that I tackled negative thoughts was though affirmations or in general positive reinforcement activities. Affirmations would fall into that, but some times they can be tough to sink in.

Either way affirmations are things that you need to practice on the regular. If you do that, you’ll get explosive results. But that’s really the case with all of these methods.

Affirmations are great because they put you into a state of positivity. From this state, you’ll begin to justify why those affirmations are true.

And that’s where things can get tricky.

Because it can be easy for affirmations to backfire and put you into a loop where you are beating yourself up. For example, if you say you’re healthy or fit but you eat out every day or you’re nowhere close to your ideal figure it can be difficult for you to change that.

And that’s why whenever I do positive reinforcement or affirmations, I instead look at my current actions.

A lot of people are quick to think ahead and use affirmations to compare themselves to where they are now to where they want to be. While that’s nice, it can lead to many people losing momentum. This becomes more prominent the longer you’ve been dealing with that issue.

It’s why I feel it’s better to look at your current actions.

If you’re saying you are healthy, look at the actions that you are taking to achieve that.

And use that method in each instance you say a positive affirmation or reassure yourself.

Respond Differently To Them

Another bold move to consider is dare to respond differently to negative thoughts. Like I said above:

You can’t control your thoughts, but you can learn to block negative thoughts.

And part of being able to block negative thoughts stems from how we respond to them.

Naturally, we can respond by ignoring that thought and practicing these other methods. But one thing that I find very helpful is to respond to the thought with a question:

So what am I going to do about that?

The biggest issue that I’ve realized about these negative thoughts is that it puts a halt on our momentum. Like I said above, negativity causes us to doubt, hesitate, and even fear. This hampers our confidence. But more importantly, it stalls us.

A question breaks that mould big time because it forces us to think of an action.

A negative thought prompts a problem or a roadblock. And by challenging it or asking a question you need to come up with a solution.

I like this method and it’s honestly my go to method today after spending a lot of my time practicing affirmations and meditating. I feel that the two methods before helped me to fortify my mind so I can better ask questions.

Not to mention have the mental capacity to challenge myself.

A question breaks that mould big time because it forces us to think of an action.

Recognizing Thought Distortions And Fixing Them

Another method to consider is identifying the source of your negative thoughts. Of course, negative thoughts are coming from within us, but what exactly is sparking them?

Our reality is based on how we view the world. And how we view the world is based on what we are consuming and are exposed to. Another layer to our reality is how we react to new information or things that threaten to change our current reality.

In the end, it can be easy for us to have thought distortions and those can lead to us having negative thoughts about ourselves in certain areas. According to Psychology Today there are four common types of thought distortions:

  • Black and white thinking. You see things one way or another.
  • Personalizing. You put yourself at fault for everything bad that’s happening. This even applies to things out of your control. An example is you thinking you’re at fault because someone didn’t smile when you said hi when in reality that person may just be in a poor mood.
  • Filter thinking. Only being able to see and understand one side of a situation.
  • Catastrophizing. Thinking the worst possible scenario is what will happen.

It’s through these distortions where negative thoughts can really develop and fester.

After all, progress is difficult to achieve if everyone is thinking negatively.

That being said, being able to recognize these distortions is key because it means that things can change.

These distortions have shaped peoples realities and a lot of it comes down to who they are listening to and what they are exposed to. In the end, these distortions aren’t really true and it’s important for us to challenge them.

As to how we can challenge them, I believe a lot of it comes down to deep realization and finding information that shatters that reality.

The reason I think that is because I used to have black and white thinking revolving around my health. It wasn’t serious degrees of it, but there was definitely some elements to it.

I thought you needed to be fit to go to a gym.

I thought eating good food is all that matters.

It’s these kinds of thoughts that can sblock-negative-thoughtshape negative thoughts. And for me, it was information and being exposed that changed my thinking. I’ve been to gyms before where I was “healthier” than other individuals. I’ve learned that a good diet is important, but you also need to be moving around and paying attention to the quality of your calories.

In the end, I was able to break that distortion down because I challenged its validity in face of what I know.

Our reality is based on how we view the world. And our view is based on what we consume.

Our reality is based on how we view the world. And our view is based on what we consume.

Seeking Professional Help

And the last method is something that I kind of wish I did. And that is to be looking for professional help. Or really any kind of help for that matter.

It can be difficult and lonely to face your negative thoughts on your own.

When I first got into business, it was really difficult for me to get it running. I felt like so many people were out to see me fail.

Even when I experience some setbacks, it can be easy to fall into that sense of negativity and doubt yourself.

So having someone you can turn to, whether personal or professional, can be a lifesaver. For me, I have my parents, my cousin, and a handful of other people who believe in me. Not to mention I have you all – my audience – to encourage me directly and indirectly.

I feel that I’m not in a huge need for professional help, but that doesn’t mean you all shouldn’t seek it. If you are truly down and need some support, you can email me. But I’d also suggest looking up a professional.

After all, I’m only a writer. I’m no psychologist.

Block Negative Thoughts

We all have the power to block negative thoughts. All of it comes down to our ability to practice powerful thought exercises. By being able to follow through and tackle the problem little by little, we can build our confidence up.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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