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My name is Eric Burdon, and I’m the owner of BoostingLowSelfEsteem.com.

For all of my teenage life, I’ve had issues with my confidence. From my figure to my own speaking skills. Because of those major flaws, I used those as reasons to bash myself, shame myself and as a result (amongst other factors) I squashed my self esteem. It got to the point that I went through a depression episode where I contemplated suicide.

This sort of scenario has been played out many times before with people all across the globe. Because of this, I can understand exactly what you are going through.

Maybe what you are going through is something like that, or maybe it’s a mild sadness or something you want to develop. Whatever the case may be, I understand that neglecting those areas of our lives leads to us feeling unhappy or even empty inside.

It’s for this reason why I started this website, a bit of a passion project of mine.

Ever since I started writing, I’ve always wanted to help people, and this is a topic I feel strongly about. Furthermore, from my research, I believe there aren’t many sites dedicated to this topic. By all means, there is plenty of information out there, but not a specific site dedicated to it.

Here I’ll be writing and publishing a variety of posts on boosting confidence and self esteem, but I’d also like to grow this into an active community as well. With this in mind, I strongly encourage you all to share and comment on my posts. Also if there is something specific you are looking for, let me know through social media or through email.

My goal is to help you all grow and become more confident people in life. Nothing more, nothing less.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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