5 Powerful Steps You Can Take To Overcome Fear Of The Unknown

5 Powerful Steps You Can Take To Overcome Fear Of The Unknown

January 24, 2019 0 By Eric S Burdon
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To overcome fear is a necessary part in gaining any kind of confidence. For so many people, the biggest reason they lack confidence or self-esteem is from a deep-rooted fear.

Whether it’s a fear of failure or you are comparing yourself to others, it all points back to a fear. And for many people out there, one of the biggest fears is a fear of the unknown.

And I can understand why it’s so prominent.

It’s hard to say where the world is going if everything we see on the news is doom and gloom. It’s also natural for us to instinctively preserve ourselves. We’ll avoid anything that makes us uncomfortable or might put us in a tougher situation.

We generally want to be comfortable all the time which is why we have ingrained in our head a hatred for failure. Not to mention a hatred for fear.

But it’s these types of things that create this fear of the unknown.

Furthermore, if you want to gain confidence or self esteem, you’ll need to handle these fears. This means getting out there and potentially failing but also having a deep understanding of yourself.

So even if you struggle a lot with dealing with failure, the steps I’ll provide today will at least help you in identifying exactly what your fear is. From there, these steps can also serve as a way to fortify yourself mentally, allowing you to gain confidence and self esteem.

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First, Identify

The first thing you need to do is to know what you are afraid of. And while a lot of people think that’s impossible to do, that thought alone kind of proves my point.

The thing with fear of the unknown is that we are scared of not knowing what will happen. In other words, we are mainly thinking of one scenario that we clearly dislike and wish to avoid.

It’s to the point that we will do anything to avoid it.

One deep reason why I struggled to talk to people when I was teenager was because I was scared. I later realized that the reason I didn’t like talking so much was that I was afraid of people not liking me.

And I figured that out by spending time identifying the reason.

Our fear of the unknown boils down to a deep-rooted fear from within. Identify it, then overcome it!

In my story, I identified this by being in a calm place and talking to myself. I did this a lot at the beginning and was able to sort through many emotions and discover myself more.

That being said, if you don’t have any calm or peaceful environment, one other tactic I’d consider is a brain dump. This is essentially writing or typing down your feelings.

It’s basically a journal for you to write down ideas, thoughts, and more.

I recommend this because writing, in general, is therapeutic and we should be sharing our story, but also it’s a way to identify ourselves.

Fear of the unknown can make us lose ourselves and once we identify that fear, a lot of things slip into place.

Our fear of the unknown boils down to a deep-rooted fear from within. Identify it, then overcome it! http://bit.ly/2DuPTOw

Second, Plan Around That Fear

Much like with dealing with any kind of fear, the second thing is to formulate a plan. If you want to overcome fear, you need to do more than brute force it. Especially since fear is really all about teaching you a lesson.

If you refuse to learn from fea and push through head-on, you’ll find another problem.

So instead, take the time to plan and strategize. By this step, you’d have a good idea of what specifically you are afraid of. Knowing what you fear will be essential from here on out.

And sure, we’re not going to know every single fear that we have. As we grow and progress, we may have other fears or problems get in the way. Which is why we need to plan and continue to plan as we grow.

With each new step we take, we need to ensure that the plan we are following is still solid. This means checking and re-checking our fears, and that we are going the right way to handle them.

But how should you go about planning around it?

For me, I’d settle with goals. Whenever I set a goal, the goal I set typically addresses a problem that I want to fix. Whether it’s a lack of habit in an area or something that means something to me that I’m not doing, these goals fix that.

It’s why I’m back here writing this article for you. I missed you guys and want to get back to posting weekly articles here.

For you and addressing your fears though, it’s a matter of finding something engaging that’ll help you fix that issue. As for what specifically you can set I’m not sure. Each person’s fear is different as well as their comfort levels.

What I will say though is to start small. If you were like me and you struggled with talking to people, don’t set a goal to have a conversation with a stranger. Instead go a lot smaller. Start with just saying hello to a stranger.

A plan needs to be as strong as you want to be. http://bit.ly/2DuPTOw

Third, Boost Confidence In That Area

To overcome fear of the unknown you’ll need to boost confidence in that area. If you’re following the steps so far, you should have a clear picture of your fear. With that in mind, you can practice all sorts of confidence boosting activities.

As for what kind of activities are right for you it varies from person to person. Some people will enjoy writing more and get more out of that. Others need something a bit more direct to push them out there.

Regardless, the confidence boosting activities you need to take are ones that you can be consistent with. Furthermore, they have to be activities that you resonate with and can easily commit to.

The big reason is that when we lack confidence or we show any sign of doubt or fear, our brain runs with it. Our brain is a powerful part of ourselves and can force us to avoid problems forever.

Do the things that you truly want to do and you'll never be afraid to do them.

But these problems won’t go away. Our fears won’t go away. At least until we learn how to truly confront them. It’s for this reason why I’m not suggesting to face our fears directly. Instead it’s smarter to build yourself up some other way before facing that fear.

Do the things that you truly want to do and you’ll never be afraid to do them. http://bit.ly/2DuPTOw

Fourth, Meditate

Regardless of what activities you pick, one key activity that’s essential is meditation. Getting into the habit of meditating on a regular basis is powerful.

In fact, it’s one of the best tools to overcome fear.

Meditating is helpful for a number of reasons, but there are other psychological benefits as well. The biggest is like I said, it can help you overcome fear.

This is the activity that I’d use to face your fear head-on. But I wouldn’t do that just yet. If this is your first time going through these steps, you’ll need to strengthen yourself mentally.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t practice this step though. Meditation provides that mental strengthening you need. It places you in a calm and peaceful state. It’ll drown out inner voices or at the very least help you understand what your inner voices are telling you.

You can use this determine if you are mentally ready.

If you have a lot of positive thoughts, then you are strong enough to overcome fear.

If you still have negative thoughts, take the time to learn what they’re saying and find some ways to overcome them.

Meditation in general is a helpful activity and the best thing about it is that you don’t need to meditate in a special position. Meditation can be done while you are walking, on the bus, or waiting in line. It’s a matter of emptying your mind, breathing deeply, and doing nothing.

Fifth, Establishing An Environment Of Growth

By this point, you’ve overcome fear of the unknown. You’ve realized that what you were afraid of was something you can control and overcome.

The final step is to ensure you don’t relapse.

While we all dislike fear to some degree, fear will never go away. I’ve said before that fear is like an ever-present mentor.

It’ll knock you down, but give you an opportunity to learn and grow.

Fear in this sense is like a friend and we shouldn’t shut it away.

But at the same time, we don’t want to sink back down to low levels.

So, create an environment in your life that fits that. But also allows you the opportunity to grow.

While you may have overcome fear right now, I just said that it’s bound to come back. And it’s alright to be afraid. But we need to learn to be masters of our fears and thrive from them.

Keep that in mind when you are creating your environment. And apply that to each stage of your environment as well.

In order to change your environment it’s key to identify what brought you there in the first place. You’ll need to check each environment you are in to figure that out. You could’ve developed that fear from your work, friends, family, or even the specific activities and habits that you have.

So take the time to know what brought you there and then work on changing that environment.

To overcome fear is to learn a lesson and grow from it.

To overcome fear is to learn a lesson and grow from it. http://bit.ly/2DuPTOw

Overcome Fear Easily

To overcome fear is to learn a lesson and grow from it. There is nothing to fear about fear and you’ll learn that when you are going through these steps.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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