4 Affirmations To Boost Low Self Esteem

4 Affirmations To Boost Low Self Esteem

August 16, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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There are many ways to boost low self esteem, but one of the best methods I find is using affirmations. The reason why I think affirmations are ideal is that they lead you to do actions.

If you say you are strong and healthy, you feel compelled to work out.

To be a confident person, you’ll put more effort into finding out what is dragging you down.

You see, affirmations or a mantra alone won’t compel us to move. That being said, affirmations do provide a good reason to do something. You wouldn’t say those things and try to believe in them if you didn’t care about them.

So below, I want to share some affirmations but pair them up with actions too.

This way, if these affirmations are things you want to improve, practice it and follow the simple actions.


I will always continue to learn and grow.

Knowledge is important in every aspect of our lives. Our education doesn’t stop after college or university. If you honestly think that our education does stop there, you will fall behind. And perhaps you’ll trail so far behind you lack confidence or have low self esteem about your abilities.

Or perhaps you’ll blame other people, which isn’t cool.

Instead practice the mantra above and pair it with these actions.

  • Avoid comparing yourself to other people. I talk about the dangers of that and why we do that here.
  • Exercise both your brain and your body. For your brain try innercises or something that engages your brain. I personally opt for a web sudoku.
  • Avoid trying to have everything perfect the first time. There is always a learning curve and you shouldn’t be ashamed or discourage yourself if you make a mistake the first time.

I will always continue to learn and grow.

Mistakes and failures do lead to success.

We all make mistakes in our lives and some of our low self esteem attitudes stem from a past mistake or a failure. We never bother to try again all because we got burned the last time.

Practice this affirmation as this affirmation is a reminder that every bad thing that happens to us is a lesson. A mistake or a failure truly doesn’t help us when we refuse to learn or change our methods. This is the only real thing that you need to work on when it comes to this.

Mistakes and failures do lead to success.

Affirmations are only as good as the actions behind them.

I believe in my abilities and my skills.

This affirmation prompts us to take action on our skills specifically. I went with a blanket affirmation for this one but you can be specific. For example if you are working on your social skills you can say “I believe in my speaking and networking skills”

In essence this affirmation can be broad like I put it or specific by saying “I believe in my [insert specific skills] skills.”

That being said, in order to take action on them, there are two ways you can do that. I recommend doing both as they boost low self esteem in this area:

  • First is to sharpen your saw. This is a saying I use and it basically means to keep practicing on your own time.
  • Second, seek a mentor. You don’t need to have one right now and often times most will be asking for money. That being said, there is nothing wrong with reading that persons content or listening to their videos or podcasts if they have any. This also is akin to sharpening your saw.

I believe in my abilities and my skills.

I have fantastic ideas and I make great contributions.

The last affirmation is a confirmation that you can provide value in any kind of situation. A lot of people don’t share ideas within their groups. Part of that reason is they may have low self esteem revolving around sharing ideas. That or they believe they offer terrible ideas.

Whatever the case is, if you want to share good ideas, you’ll need to start doing something. Practice this affirmation, but another thing you can consider is doing research. Like I said above, people disregard reading. This is both for books as well as articles.

For this one, consider reading articles, both on sides that you agree with but also on sides you disagree with as well. This is key as it broadens your horizons and you can understand other peoples reasons. The reason I propose that is this can leave you with an open mind to when your friends and coworkers share ideas.

I have fantastic ideas and I make great contributions.

Boost Low Self Esteem With These

Affirmations can help significantly in our lives, but only when we act upon them. Much like quotes or keynote speeches, these are all uplifting, but don’t serve us at all. That is unless we act upon them.

Low self esteem is entirely in our control and affirmations, paired with action, is one of the many solutions to this struggle!

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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