3 Ways You Can Defeat Your Inner Critic

3 Ways You Can Defeat Your Inner Critic

August 23, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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Even the most self confident individual has an inner critic inside of them. It’s the voice in the back of our mind that tries to squash every little thing that we do.

“You can’t do that.”

“You? Getting fit? Ha!”

“You’ll never do that. That’s not who you are.”

Our inner critic takes advantage of us having low self esteem and confidence and makes the feelings even worse. It’s the main reason why it took me years to actually get into working out and striving for a healthier body.

It’s also the reason why so many are paralyzed and unable to get out.

Of course, there are many reasons why we don’t do certain things, but our inner critic is certainly one of the many reasons. Thankfully there are some self confidence activities that we can do to squash our inner critic and turn them into an inner cheerleader.

3 Ways You Can Defeat Your Inner Critic

Practice Affirmations

I’ve talked about affirmations a few times but this is one way that self confidence activities can turn even the most hateful inner critics into encouraging cheerleaders. All that you need to do is practice affirmations. Here are some that you can practice immediately.

Anyway, the key behind affirmations is believing in the words you are saying. This means saying them clearly and putting a lot of emotion behind them as well. By sticking to that habit, you can slowly shift your critic to be thinking in a different way. In fact, your critic may even encourage you to make those statements true.


Another one of the self confidence activities you can do is meditate. You want to be paying attention to your inner thoughts as your inner critic then uses that to fuel its criticisms. Going back to my example, I believed fully I couldn’t live a healthy life because up to that point, I never made an effort in changing the way I was eating.

I didn’t need meditation to encourage me to work out, however, I’m sure if I meditated I would’ve been able to eventually take down the excuses I used to avoid exercise. I know that this works as I actually used meditation to remove past trauma that I held onto that meant nothing at all to me.

Stop Listening

The last of the self confidence activities I want to suggest is to stop listening to our inner critic altogether. This, of course, takes time to do, but it’s an effective method in living your life intentionally and being confident in ourselves.

How we can do this goes back to our relationship with our inner critic. This makes the list of self confidence activities because our inner critic is only powerful if we let it. It’s true. Our inner critic’s influence is based solely on how much we listen to it.

Meditation can remove the ammo for sure, but the only way our inner critic will truly shift to being helpful is when we stop listening. Instead, when we listen to the encouraging words we are influenced by those positive and motivating words which does us a lot more good.

The Inner Critic Never Succeeds

What I like to remind other people is that there are no statues or awards given to critics. Only people who have gone out, ignored the chants from themselves and others who have succeeded.

When we push ourselves against all odds, we can achieve greatness, whatever we want our greatness to look like.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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