3 Self Confidence Tips To Improve Your Environment

3 Self Confidence Tips To Improve Your Environment

September 6, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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One of the many self confidence tips that I talk about is how our environment affects us. In fact, our environment doesn’t just affect our own level of confidence, but practically every aspect of our lives. I mainly refer to it as a the power of association.

There are many people (like this man) who have spoken about it and it’s a truly powerful force.

To summarize, it dictates a lot of things in lives. From the habits that we develop (or want to develop) to our own personality (like the attitude of our inner critic).

Such a powerful thing couldn’t possibly be managed by our lone self though, could it?

The truth is is that we can. So long as we are aware of it and how we can manipulate it into our favour.

With this in mind, let me share you some self confidence tips on how you can manipulate your environment to boost low self esteem.

3 Self Confidence Tips To Improve Your Environment

Who you associate matters a lot, but also the environment in which you are in too. Here's how you can change your environment and boost self esteem!

Self Confidence Tips #1: Filter Your Friends

The power of association boils down to who we spend most of our time around. If you are lacking self confidence in your own life, chances are you are hanging out in the wrong crowd.

I don’t blame you for sticking with the same group of friends. From my experiences, I hung out with the same group all through middle and high school. As a result, I lacked basic social skills, expressing my own thoughts, and bashed myself mentally on a regular basis.

I also didn’t want to expand my network because I was afraid of getting hurt. So I kept to the same group.

Don’t get me wrong, my friends weren’t horrible people. In fact they too suffered similar things as me. But we created an environment together that facilitated that.

But the good part of this story is that my entire life changed when I had to associate myself with a brand new group of friends. I’ll talk about them some other time, but these friends indirectly helped me grow into the man I am now.

By filtering your friends you filter who you associate with and that will change your environment around. As I tell other people: 

“If you hang around five happy people, you’ll be the sixth. Conversely, if you hang around five depressing people, you’ll be the sixth.”

“If you hang around five happy people, you’ll be the sixth. Conversely, if you hang around five depressing people, you’ll be the sixth.”

Self Confidence Tips #2: Develop Positive Habits And Shift Your Environment To Encourage Them

The second of the three self confidence tips is develop habits. Now if you are around a lot of influential people you’ll mimic some of their habits. That being said, there is no shame in picking up other habits you know are good for you.

Examples of great habits are things like reading, working out, expressing gratitude and meditating. These habits will also make you look more at yourself too which helps in understanding yourself.

But a lot of people run into snags with developing those habits. I can talk from my own experiences that working out daily is tough for me. But the trick I learned to get me to work out daily is to shift my environment.

Specifically, shifting it in a way to support the habit.

For example, if you want to exercise daily, make a habit of preparing everything the night before. Set out your yoga mat or place your weights somewhere where you see them as soon as you wake up.

By doing this setup work, you can stay dedicated to the habit. On top of that, it changes how you view that space as well. For myself, I’ve created a habit of working in my bedroom for so long I’ve seen the place as more of my office than my childhood bedroom.

This is big, especially if certain places you associate with you recall painful events. My childhood room isn’t that bad mentally speaking, but I had to overcome that this was a step back for me.

To develop great habits, shift your environment to facilitate it.

Self Confidence Tips #3: Shift Your Mindset

My last of the self confidence tips is to shift your mindset. What I mean by that is change how you approach all of your problems. Of course, the self confidence tips I mentioned above can help, but those involve moving away from the things that you have associated with already.

In a lot of cases during our growth, we may realize that going back to the way things were is better. That being said, we may have to change how we view those places.

Take for example where I’m living at the time of writing this. I just mentioned above I live in my childhood room at my parent’s place. But why did I move back? And why did I not want to move back?

I really didn’t want to move back as I was afraid I’d turn back to who I was: a shy, reserved, and lazy individual.

But instead of spending all my energy worrying and panicking over that, I spent my energy shifting my way of thinking. As a result, I gave the place I grew up another chance and have created some better memories and friends than I did my first time around.

I now get out of the house more often and spend time with people that allow me to relax and be myself. That didn’t exist when I first moved there as a child.

Try This

Put some effort into applying these self confidence tips to change your environment. Our attitude towards everything and what is in our lives is within our control.

When we know how we can change our environment it gets easier to boost our self confidence.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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