Need A Confidence Boost? 20 Methods On How To Combat Signs Of Low Self Esteem

Need A Confidence Boost? 20 Methods On How To Combat Signs Of Low Self Esteem

July 22, 2018 0 By Eric S Burdon
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The signs of low self esteem are numerous and have plagued people for many years. For a lot of people, they cling to them as their identity, thinking they will never be able to change.

But that’s simply a lie. We are not forced to live the rest of our lives thinking that way if we don’t want to.

This is why you are here. You are looking for answers beyond what some have offered already. Some way to get yourself back on your feet and out of this rut that you are feeling.

We’ve all been there before and I am all but familiar with it. This is why I’ve compiled a list of confidence boosting activities. Through these particular activities, you can grow your confidence to new heights.

Each activity address one of the particular signs of low self esteem I outline right here, however, each one is still a good activity to get into. The best thing about these activities is they take very little time out of your day.

Yes the road to growing confidence in yourself is a long one. But being able to make small steps that take mere minutes to complete is easier to handle. I encourage you to read through the list and take action on them, especially if you need a boost in confidence.

Need A Confidence Boost? 20 Methods On How To Combat Signs Of Low Self Esteem

Find The Confidence Boosters and Confidence Blockers In Your Life

Every person has their own level of confidence and energy. Based on that level, those people make an impact on your confidence. This method should be the first thing that you do since you can identify the people that lift you up and those that drag you down.

From there, you are able to do a variety of things but one of the big signs of low self esteem is certainly sticking around with people who drag you down.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Whether you identified key people that drag you down or not, another one of the confidence boosting activities you can do is be with other people who lift you up. Like I mentioned above, the more time you spend time with people who don’t lift you up, the more it’s going to affect you.

At the same time, the more time you spend time with people who lift you up, the more you confident you’ll feel. Positivity is contagious for a reason.

Remember Your Victories & Achievements

Perhaps your social life is alright and that’s not the source of your lack of confidence. In that case, another one of those signs of low self esteem may be you doubt specific skills or abilities.

One of the sources of this doubt is perhaps your skills aren’t where you want them to be?

Or perhaps you are stuck comparing with other people?

We’ll get to comparing in a bit, but for now, here is what you can do if you feel your skills aren’t adequate:

Set aside some time to remind yourself of your victories and achievements.

Even the little victories. Every compliment, piece of recognition, and certainly any milestones and larger accomplishments.

What this does is that it gives us strength in our own abilities. Absolutely our skills are still growing day in and day out, but that’s the point. We only get better if we continue to practice.

So remind yourself and make a big deal in your head about the little steps you take. It’s those small steps that lead to the big steps in our lives.

Manage Your Energy Levels

We all have energy levels of course, but did you know that our energy levels are tied to our confidence? When you have a lot of energy we are particularly motivated but also confident in ourselves.

The moment you find yourself drained or being around people who drag you down, your confidence and energy get sapped.

In those situations, you don’t need to stand there and take it. Instead, learn to manage it by thinking ahead.

What I mean is look over your week and see what needs to be done. Furthermore, plan out your week. If you find your week or a few days, in particular, will be particularly draining, set aside some time to do a fun activity prior to and after that event is over.

By doing something you are passionate about can pump you up and motivate yourself further. It’s akin to working out before doing a long days work.

The moment you find yourself drained or being around people who drag you down, your confidence and energy get sapped.

Strive To Do Your Best

Your best work is subjective to everyone who comes across it, however, one way to combat one of those signs of low self esteem is to believe that your work is great at the skill level you’re at.

This isn’t a tactic to inflate your ego. It’s more of a reason to believe that your work is good and that it’s developing. When you look at it in high regard you fill yourself with confidence when good things happen.

You have a healthier body because you did your best when it comes to eating properly and exercising.

Become a better worker by telling yourself you have done the best you can do with the amount of time given.

In the end, we all have room to improve, but that fact alone isn’t enough to be nit-picky about your current work. There is always the next time and if you keep seeing each burst of effort as progress and growth, you are increasing your confidence too.

Celebrate The Small Steps

Going back to the victories and achievements, I want to pay particular attention to the small steps we take. A lot of people can get down in the dumps because they put a lot of work only to crawl an inch. It’s demoralizing and takes a huge hit on our confidence.

But don’t lose hope on it.

Even a small step no matter the amount of effort placed in it is a success to some level. You may not realize it due to the meager amount of award and accomplishment it brought.

But through that advancement comes a lesson and things that you can improve yourself on. This wouldn’t be given to you if you gave up or lost hope part way through.

But why is that so crucial?

Well, the truth is success works a lot differently than we think. We look at successful people and see their immediate success rather than what it took to get them there. We often fail to see what the small steps they took to get there.

That’s right. Becoming confident in yourself is a work in process. But by practicing these confidence boosting activities and combatting the signs of low self esteem, we are getting closer to having our own types of success.

Celebrating these small advancements is part of that process.

Celebrating these small advancements is part of that process.

Take Action

If it’s not already obvious, I’ll spell it out right now.

You must be taking action if you want to make any kind of progress.

Yes, it’s going to suck and it’s going to be a long process. But if growing your confidence was so easy it came to you on a golden platter, people wouldn’t have confidence issues. You wouldn’t be reading this post nor would I be writing about confidence if that was the case.

But you need to make that first step if you want to participate in confidence boosting activities. You can’t lay back and soak it up. People who soak it up and do nothing will get nowhere.

The same thing applies when you are reading posts like these and watching videos. That’s great you are taking some action, but you have to apply it. Reading nice, fuzzy, and warm videos and articles can put you in a good mood, but that’s it.

Do yourself a favour and follow this advice: take a step forward yourself.

Do yourself a favour and follow this advice: take a step forward yourself.

Practice Affirmations That Lift Confidence

Being around people makes an impact, but also what you tell yourself as well. When it comes to low self esteem, one of the most prominent signs of low self esteem is negative self-talk.

We can fix that by taking time out of our day to practice something called affirmations. Through affirmations, we are setting aside some time to say particular things to ourselves. I made a video a while ago that can help in boosting confidence that way too. Quotes are just as effective as well, particularly when you apply them.

Boost Self Confidence Throughout The Day

Not only should you be practicing affirmations on a daily basis, it’s important to do some of these confidence boosting activities throughout the day. This can ensure that you stay in tip-top shape confidence-wise.

This method works because for a lot of us our energy and our moods tend to fade as we get later on in the day. In some cases, some of us need to have a few minutes to do some extra confidence boosting during the day.

In those cases, you want to do smaller activities like practice affirmations, or even meditate.

Squash Your Inner Critic

Long term, the sooner you get over your inner critic the better. In many cases, our inner critic is the person in our head that is never satisfied with our actions. They are particularly harsh and for a lot of us they tear ourselves down.

But a critic only does that if we allow it.

Now we could use our critic to boost our confidence, but that’s a topic for another time. For now, it’s important to reduce – or better, squash – the influence of our inner critic. What this means is understanding that we are always growing.

Even if our critic is right that your confidence is shot, it doesn’t mean it’ll be like that forever.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Another one of the strong signs of low self esteem is that we find ourselves comparing ourselves with others. As soon as you start doing that, you’ve already lost the fight and are dragging yourself further down.

Instead, you need to stop comparing yourself.

Now that’s easier said than done, but a few things to note are these:

For one, each person has their own journey to go through. This is important because when we are comparing ourselves, in many cases we are comparing at different levels. For example, it’s not a good comparison to look at yourself who is starting their self improvement journey and someone who has been doing it for years. The person in question has gone through years of personal discovery and more to get to where they are now.

There’s also something else I want to bring up:

It’s okay to compare, so long as you aim to grow from it.

What I mean is that it’s alright to compare only if you don’t use it to tear yourself down. For example, it’s cool to compare your current social standings to say someone famous or popular you aspire to be. But only in the context that you’d like to follow in their footsteps.

In other words, compare only to know what it is they went through so you can learn what to do and what not to do.

Learn Something New

Another one of the confidence boosting activities is the act of doing something new. By doing something new, we are pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone. With this in mind, this method is best for those who are ambitious and looking to seriously grow.

This honestly is the fastest method of boosting confidence, however, it’s very demanding and could still take a few months.

The idea with this is to develop this new experience into a habit. Doing it once may feel great, but doing it continuously builds a foundation that can last.

If you are looking for some new things to try out, consider these activities. You could even use this helpful app I found. Not only does it gives you activities, but it also gives you goals to work towards every day. You can even manually input goals and daily tasks.

Challenge Yourself

Along the same vein as going out and doing something different, take time to push yourself further in certain areas. If you doubt yourself in a certain area, it could be because you are “comfortable” in the position you are at.

What I mean by that is you have your doubts about improving yourself in an area but you are also happy to some extent with how far you’ve come.

In those cases take some time to set more ambitious goals. This website was created because I wanted to challenge myself in new ways. As a result, it’s helped me a good deal in boosting my confidence.

Remove Doubts With Facts

Another strategy you can work on in your spare time is to start removing doubts in your life. Going back to your inner critic, their comments can and will spring doubt inside you and you downplay your abilities.

One way you can get back at your critic is looking at facts. If your critic says you’re bad at something, go back through at all the little steps you’ve taken and grown by improving that skill.

And if that’s not the case, you can always change that fact by taking steps right now, seeing as you care about it.

Dress Well

Doesn’t matter who you are, you want to take time to dress nicely. I’m not talking about wearing a three-piece suit or a nice dress every single day. Instead, pick out items that you think you look great in.

Every single person has some particular colours they look and feel amazing in. For me, that’s blue and green. I’ve made my wardrobe revolve around those colours on purpose.

For you, it might be the same or different. Either way, make sure that you have some outfits that make you feel yourself and you enjoy wearing. These can only boost your confidence.

Groom Well

On the note of dressing well, you also want to groom yourself well. This isn’t just combing your hair or putting makeup on if applicable. This means brushing your teeth, smelling nice, taking a shower and even cutting your nails.

These tiny things form our character and it tells other people that we care about our bodies. Not only that, but it boosts our confidence when we do those things. One of the signs of low self esteem is the lack of caring for your appearance, not only with clothing.

Dress and groom yourself for the confidence you want.

Take An Honest Look At Who You Are

This method is a big one that combats signs of low self esteem. The reason being is that it digs deep into you. In some cases, our confidence could be shot because we are spending our time chasing after something that we don’t want deep down.

I don’t blame you. As someone who was chasing for seven long years, nothing sucks more than to realize that you didn’t really want it. But instead of beating yourself up, take the time to look at yourself.

Set aside some time to ask yourself some deep questions about you and where you want to go in life.

Say No

An ultimate sign of high self esteem is being able to say no at the right times. One of the signs of low self esteem is not being able to do that.

The ability to say no is powerful and saying it at the right times can boost our confidence in ways you never could imagine. In most cases, you’ll run into situations that you don’t want to be part of. It’s those cases that you want to turn down. It’s better to do that because if you say no to every little thing it tears away the purpose of boosting confidence.

To clarify, you want to say no only in times where what is being proposed doesn’t help you. In a lot of cases, this takes a lot of self-awareness like understanding your goals and how you’ll get there.

Find A Mentor

Another huge boost to confidence is finding a mentor. For one this person is in your network and their thinking and attitude will rub off on you. Furthermore, they are able to help you through guidance, feedback, and support. Signs of low self esteem tend to translate to people who lack that.

In essence, a mentor should be someone who cares deeply about what it is you aspire for.

Also note that a mentor can help in this area, but they can also help in other areas as well.


As I hinted at above, exercise is a good way to pump yourself as it’s a huge confidence booster. Exercising can do a lot more than that though. But if you need a quick confidence booster: some pushups or a few minute stretches makes a difference.

At the same time going for walks can help a lot as well.

Eliminating Signs Of Low Self Esteem

There are many signs of low self esteem, but through these confidence boosting activities I’ve listed, you’ll be able to grow your confidence to new heights. The road to recovery is a long one, but one thing I’ve learned from my journey is that it all rests on your shoulders.

This issue will continue to emerge until you take steps to solve it. The longer you put it off, the longer it’ll take to recover fully and boost your confidence.

To your development!

Eric S Burdon

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